Thomas Müller

„We enjoyed it very much to have been part of […]

Thomas Müller2023-06-14T10:53:11+02:00

Uwe Frick

„The tour exceeded my expectations in terms of content, organization, […]

Uwe Frick2023-06-14T10:54:33+02:00

Alexandra Geiseler

„Vielen Dank für die tolle Organisation der Reise, es war […]

Alexandra Geiseler2023-06-12T14:33:46+02:00

Bianka und Marco Weise

„The excursion was impressive. You actually need some time to […]

Bianka und Marco Weise2023-06-14T10:59:17+02:00

Monika Berghammer

„Everyone was incredibly enthusiastic about you, the format, the program, […]

Monika Berghammer2023-06-14T11:00:08+02:00

Dr. André Spindler

„The objects were very well selected in terms of their […]

Dr. André Spindler2023-06-14T11:00:40+02:00

Dorothea und Karl Mülders

„It was a very interesting and successful excursion. Tight program, […]

Dorothea und Karl Mülders2023-06-14T11:01:10+02:00

Steffi und Jürgen Ochsenkühn

„We enjoyed the excursion very much, even if we sometimes […]

Steffi und Jürgen Ochsenkühn2023-06-14T11:03:50+02:00